First Post!

I tried to post something earlier but I couldn’t find anything to work around with that would make an interesting first post until today.

I have been into cooking lately because of some articles that I found through my Facebook news feed. Influenced by the stuff I read, I came up with a personal project about cooking. As I was thinking about the logistics for this little project of mine, I realized that now, I have something to write about, and that finally, thoughts and ideas are rushing through my brain.

And then I had another eureka moment when I realized that from now on, I’d have something to write about in my blog: my thoughts and reactions to the things that I find on Facebook.

Let me move on to my little cooking project.

I read the Buzzfeed article, 26 Foods You Should Learn To Cook in Your Twenties. Out of the 26 foods listed in the article, I have only been able to cook three. I don’t know how many people out there are just like me, but I felt a little sorry for myself. If fried eggs and instant noodles were on that list, I would have scored five.

I tried making a grilled cheese sandwich following the directions in the slide show and I must say, it was delicious and very easy to make. My previous method was a lot simpler, but not that tasty.

So anyway, my project is number six on that list, to be able to cook a perfectly seared steak. To be honest, I’ve never really tried steak before. Steaks are not that big of a deal here in my country, but there are a few restaurants that have it in their menu.

To be successful in this project, I need to know the basics about steaks. While at work, I stumbled upon a nice article about the kinds of steak cuts, which you can find here. The author has written a lot of other things about steaks so be sure to check those out. They’re very informative.

I would have to check the supermarket before I make the decision on which cut to cook. I’m weighing in on whether to get the fillet mignon or the ribeye. I give myself a week to think about that.

I also would need  to find a 12-inch iron skillet. I think this project would cost me a lot. I hope my steak would taste nice so that it’d be all worth it. So now, I am going to search the Internet for the materials and the ingredients that I would need. Obviously, I don’t really cook so I would be starting from scratch here.

I will be posting more about this project. Let’s see if I will be able to see this through. I certainly hope so.



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